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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Post-Modern 7 Dwarfs*

I wrote this about 15 years ago to cheer up an acquaintance. When I asked him how he was he would always respond "Crappy!" When he was obviously worse I sent him this...

How are you Steve?

I'm not well right now. I feel like the post-modern* 7 dwarfs:
  • Crappy,
  • Lousy,
  • Smelly,
  • Dirty,
  • Nasty,
  • Horny and
  • Richard Branson
(Also rans: Filthy, Scummy, Itchy, Rummy, Scratchy, Huggy, and HRH Prince Charles.)

* or perhaps that should be pre- post-modern neo-colonial brutalist, I'm not much aware of architectural movements.

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