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Monday, January 30, 2012

David Frum should come clean

Mr. Frum has practically become a liberal, lawd ha' mussy!

He was heard on the Sunday Morning CBC (a famous nest of wets, pinkos and fellow travelers), complaining with some vehemence about the state of the U.S. Republican party. Basically he says that they have taken leave of their senses. This assumes that they ever had any sense.

Now I don't normally make comments of a political nature, but his cutting comment about the George Bush presidency was too apposite to not immortalize here.

Something along the lines that George W. Bush was the most hapless U.S. president ever. He started with Pearl Harbour, finished with the Great Depression and had Vietnam in between.

Frum's idea is that Reaganism has run to a full stop. I would say that the limiting factor in giving the rich more money is that eventually you run out of it. As Jean Chr├ętien once said, "I never met a millionaire who had enough money."

Frum is a rational man, he says, and it burns him that "his" party in the U.S. is now dominated by idiots. Come off it, man. They are all Americans. There is no reasoning with them. Come back to Canada, surely Mr. Harper has need of someone as clever as you?

Failing that, you could work for the party formerly known as the natural ruling party of Canada. I mean, their current leader is a born again former socialist and NDP leader of Ontario. Perhaps they could even change their name.

Everyone should be able to throw off childish mistakes and errors of judgement. I see you as a sort of Chistopher Hitchens in reverse. Come back to the light!

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