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Monday, January 21, 2008

Does a free market inevitably bring slavery?

I came across some interesting writings recently. Julian Edney, a psychology professor in California has written a number of very interesting articles, collectively called Greed. They are very well-researched, calm, rational arguments against our present North American societal conditions.

A quotation from Greed III:

The free market system, which generates great wealth, is running on a clutter of bizarre contradictions. Our nation is touted as a nation of abundance, yet it is a nation in which scarcities are common, and man-made, because scarcity creates value. It is a nation united, and the country is cleft. Everybody benefits from America’s business, but the poor are paying the price of the success at the top. It is a nation founded on the notion of happiness, and anxiety abounds. A nation in which teamwork is urged and individual competition is urged. A nation which ships out surplus food, and has hungry people. It is a nation which touts itself as cultured and humane, in which ruthlessness and winning is openly prized. In a nation which claims to be given over to democracy, half the working population spends its days in business workplaces which are dreaded little dictatorships.

Compared with our bright founding papers, this is a foul outcome.

The greatest casualty is justice. The nation now runs less on justice than on wealth.

There are a couple of other parts to the essay. Greed Part I and Part II.

In my opinion these are important and worth reading.

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