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Monday, January 28, 2013

Letters to M Apr 2012

Hi guys, 
I was just talking to a young lady who is 11 today - my neighbour B from down the street. She had a brain tumour removed when she was only a little older than M...needless to say there have been tough times in her life, but what she most wanted to show me was her new bike, a birthday present from her parents. As my birthday present I fixed up her ride with a bell, mirror and luggage rack that she had bought. Now she's all set to ride to school, she says. 
Keep up the good work sweetie. 
All our love,

Hi M,

Hawaii - Excellent choice!

You know, of course, the ukulele, the smallest guitar, comes from Hawaii. All across the Pacific, school children learn to play it as their first instrument. When I was your age, M, I lived in Fiji (which has a similar climate to Hawaii although it`s not so exciting, much quieter). At school we learned that ukulele means little jumping flea in the Hawaiian language. If you want to hear a terrible noise, get 20 children all strumming the instrument at the same time!

Last weekend, Don and I went to the St. Lawrence Stage concert hall in our home town of Morrisburg and, funnily enough there was a warm up act, Manitoba Hal. He is a big man from Manitoba who plays the ukulele very well. Here he is playing a song that he did for us:
We thought it was wonderful!

The other act was a performing group called The Crooked Brothers. Here is an example of what we hear from them:
Funny guys!

Keep up the good work M!

Much love,


...and since we are on the subject of ukuleles, this is our favourite song on this instrument:

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