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Monday, January 28, 2013

Letters to M. Dec 2012

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Some silliness in place of a box of Christmas crackers:

What do you call a girl lying in the middle of a tennis court? Annette.
What do you call a boy with a vicious cat? Claude.
What do you call a girl who likes to play hide-and-seek? Heidi.
What do you call a boy with a seagull on his shoulder? Cliff.
What do you call a girl who complains a lot? Mona.
What do you call a boy sleeping in front of your door? Matt.
What do you call a girl with ten suitcases? Carry.
What do you call a boy in a pile of leaves? Russell.
What do you call a girl in a restaurant? Dinah.

What do you call a man with a shovel in your garden? Doug.
What do you call a man without a shovel in your garden? Douglas.

Hoping for the best in the New Year!


Great photo of you M! You are a lucky girl - you are starting to look a lot like your mom! 

Hope you all have a happy Christmas and a great New Year! 

My poor cat, Freya, is very unhappy right now. She is having a miserable life, since her staff (Don and I) can no longer open her door into Summer to let her out into the yard. She has tried every door in the house, repeatedly. Everything is cold and wet and she blames us!

She cries at the glass door to go out, but when I open it, she takes a sniff, lays back her ears, looks at the incredible prospect of pouring rain and feels the wind, and then retreats back to the sofa...then when she finally has to go to the toilet, she has to use the cat box in the basement, which is an unbelievable humiliation. And cats don't like it when you laugh at them!

The thing is, she is only 5 years old, so it is probably hard for her to remember the Winter last year. And the fact that Summer will come again. Now, the only thing she has to look forward to is mealtimes and naps.

During the summer, Freya would be outside for most of every day. Now she spends almost all her time asleep in the house. 

Freya was useful recently...Don & I were replacing a basement window and when we took out the old one, we left it open for about 5 hours while we were fixing up the outside wall. A day or so later, we noticed that Freya was sitting in  the basement watching a section of boxes very intently. Later that night when we were asleep we heard her making a loud mew-mew-mew sound. 

Don got up and found that she was watching one of his outdoor boots very closely...he looked inside to find...a mouse! She had caught it and was "playing" with it. It had run inside the boot for shelter and had died, probably from fright. Later the same night, she caught another one, which we managed to capture alive. A third one I caught in a mousetrap. Since then, we have seen no more. We were very glad that she caught the mice and warned us that they were in the house before they did any damage! They are looking for warm places to live over the winter, but we don't want them in the basement!


S & D..

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