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Monday, January 28, 2013

Letters to M. Aug 2012

Have a great time canoeing guys (although I think sleeping in the shade sounds a lot more fun on a hot day like this).

I hope someone is watering your victory garden is really suffering, not just because of the dryness, but also because of the sheer heat. However, the grape vines are loving it!

Good luck with the tests, guys!


Hi guys,

It sounds like a rough time for everyone. Serious business at CHEO as usual. 

We're thinking of you all. 

M, Don and I got our sailboat launched in the water finally. We have been working on her for a long time (since March) getting her painted and changing some equipment. We are going to call her "Bufflehead" which is the name of a small duck that we see sometimes on the St. Lawrence River.

When we were sailing some years ago in the south of the United States,we would see flocks of these cheerful little ducks crowding around our anchorage, even in the most remote areas. They are black and white with a greenish head and a big white patch on the back of the head. Our boat is white and black below with a green stripe, so it seems to be a good name!

I hope you ll get out of hospital soon, it must be very strange not to be at home, and very tiring for everyone. One of my friends was in hospital recently and she said that one of the the worse things was that she would just get to sleep and then she would be woken up by a loud noise, or by someone in the next bed, or by the nurses giving her some pills or something...

All the best!


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