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Monday, January 28, 2013

Letters to M May 2012

Wonderful story about your art day! 
I just had a glamorous Mother's Day, frantically cleaning the house, mowing the lawn and making supper for my mother. She is 82 and very easy to please, but I always make a big deal out of it...

We had roast beast and Yorkshire pudding, with apple pie to follow. Everyone was fat and happy afterwards. I think I ate too much...

If you get time, go to the Lincoln Fields bus station. The hundreds of flowering cherry trees there are absolutely beautiful. You can park in the bus station pick up lot, on at the edge of the Lincoln Heights mall parking area. Even from the car they look lovely. No crowds like there are in the Tulip Festival!

Good luck for Thursday.

Hi M,

I hope you are able to get outside and supervise your garden growing...don't be surprised if it takes a little while though!

Tomorrow I am planting some tomato plants that my mother gave me and some brocolli plants that my girlfriend Leslie gave me. I think both of these ladies planted a whole packet of seeds and then were surprised when they had 20 or 30 little plants! It says on the seed packet to leave 50 cm between plants, so they won't have enough room to plant them all...but it was nice of them to give them to me!

Last week I planted potatoes. I think they will be ready at the end of August. It is important with potatoes to remember the date that you plant them because you have to know when they are ready. Unlike your brussel sprouts or my tomatoes you can't see when they are ready, they grow underground and you don't know how big they are until you dig them up! You dig up the whole plant and the potatoes are underneath it hiding in the soil. It takes between 70-90 days for this type of potato to be I think the end of August should be about right!

I think that gardening is one of my favourite things to do...but I have to be careful to not get too hot or to be burned by the sun. It is very easy for me to get sunburned so I wear one of Don's old white shirts with long sleeves and a pair of his old pyjama bottoms and a big hat. With rubber booties I look very silly, but I don't care!

I hope you have a great gardening summer!



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